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Passenger Information

How To Identify a Bluegrass Cab and Its Driver

Click to learn about our brand and how to identify us on the streets.


Fare Rates and Discounts

Click for a detailed description of our rates.


Passenger Bill of Rights

We strive to make every cab ride as friendly and accomodating as possible.  Because of that, we have assembled a list of rights every passenger is entitled to.


Using a Credit Card in a Cab

All electronic transactions are secured and are never saved. Click to learn more about how we handle credit and debit transactions.


Lost Property

If you feel you have misplaced an item in our cabs, we will do our best to locate the item and have it back in your possesion.  Contact us by calling us at (859)223-8888.


Compliment a Driver

If you feel our drivers or dispatchers performed above and beyond what was expected, we would love to hear from you.  Follow the link and let us know.


Submit a Complaint

If you feel a driver or dispatcher didn’t perform as well as expected or if you feel we could improve, please let us know.  Click to fill out a complaint form.


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